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Playful. Comfortable. Sophisticated.

This mid heel open toe, called FLICKA, has been our #1 seller the past few years, if you have not purchased a pair yet this is the time do so. Our exclusive collection is available at our online store.

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Back to Basics – Swedish Design

Our traditional 1 ¾ inch heel height is offered in a variety solid colors and patent leather colors as well as limited edition of flower patterns!

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Child's Play Sophisticated

Easter Egg Fun!

Fashion trend continues with patent leather colors, especially ultra violet as a premier pantone color for the year. We offer in both women’s and children’s sizes, in our patent leather collection.

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We are keeping busy spotting trends, creating patterns, and making show appearances. Take advantage of our free USPS Priority shipping through out the year!


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Thank you for Patronage! Now open 7 days a week from 10AM till dusk. Located in Onset Village, Wareham, MA.–fully stocked!

Celebrating 10 years of Cape Clogs


If you only knew how many people stop me and ask about the golden clogs…EVERYONE!!! even very quiet and shy people comment on them when they see them…..I give them the number to Cape Clogs…..In the past years I have had eight pairs of silver and this is my 4th gold pair…adore them!!!!!

Elizabeth Alexander