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Autumn Chic! 20 % off our DALAS this month!

Crisp nights and warm indian days with a flurry of landscape colors, Fall is the most popular season for clogs!
Cape Clogs has a variety of styles for your Fall wardrobe.

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New Grey Wooly

A perfect color for the Fall season, a new grey colored addition to our wooly line. Limited Edition so be sure to pick up your pair now on our online store.

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Back to School

Our childrens collection features a variety of styles for every back to school outfit. Burgandy solid color is made of genuine leather uppers on an one inch heel and includes a moveable heel strap for kids safety.

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Latest News

We are keeping busy spotting trends, creating patterns, and making show appearances. Take advantage of our free shipping offer this holiday season, and celebrate year long savings with us during our 10 year celebration!


Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 Years! September and October’s online promotion is 20% off our DALA line! Enter promo code:dala20


Hip Hip Hooray!! Cape Clogs will be offering for the entire year free shipping on all our clogs. USPS Ground only.

Outlet Store Open – Onset Village, Wareham, MA

We are currently open Mondays, Thursdays thru Sundays!
Mon – Thurs , Friday and Sundays 11AM – 4 PM and Saturdays 10 AM – 5 PM Fully stocked !!!

Cape Clogs Diamond celebration photos from June 20th, 2016


I have heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis in both feet, and my podiatrist has just recommended good quality clogs for me, as it would keep my feet in the proper position for less pain. This is truly a God-send!

Sandy Cain - New York