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Making Lemonade this Summer!

From our Children’s Collection have fun this summer in these sandals making lemonade, secured strap around ankle for support all day, genuine leather uppers and alder wood soles.

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Rites of Spring!

Our Pica Pica line has many summer styled clogs to choose from to bring a fresh step into your wardrobe anytime of the season. Choose from open toe to closed toe, leather or denim material uppers. Scandinavian sophistication.

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Blooming Summer Flowers

Celebrate the Cape Cod’s signature flower, Hydrangea and other delightful flower pattern clogs which are available for your summer clog garden strolls. With genuine leather uppers and alder wood soles, these clogs are on a one 3/4 inch heel of a orthopedic arched foot bed.

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Latest News

We are keeping busy spotting trends, creating patterns, and making show appearances. Take advantage of our free shipping offer this holiday season, and celebrate year long savings with us during our 10 year celebration!


Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 Years! June and July’s online promotion is 20% off our Pica Pica styles! Enter promo code:pica20
Celebrate our birthday!!


Hip Hip Hooray!! Cape Clogs will be offering for the entire year free shipping on all our clogs. USPS Ground only.

Outlet Store Open – Onset Village, Wareham, MA

We are currently open seven days a week! Be sure to stop in and get your loyalty cards.
Monday – Sunday 10AM – 7 PM

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I have heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis in both feet, and my podiatrist has just recommended good quality clogs for me, as it would keep my feet in the proper position for less pain. This is truly a God-send!

Sandy Cain - New York