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Pia Sandals

Colorful. Comfortable. Cool

From cobblestone streets to far off lands, these new sandals will go the distance. On a lower heel height, choose between navy and orange soft leather uppers. Our exclusive collection is available at our online store.

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Back to Basics – Swedish Design

Discover this new grey wooly colored clog a great addition to your wardrobe! Limited Edition so be sure to pick up your pair now on our online store.

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Child's Play Sophisticated

Child’s Play Sophisticated

Fashion trend continues with metallics, a new mint metallic of a youthful shade that evokes first days of spring, along with our new bronze colored metallic willy surely be a bold statement to coordinate with any child’s outfit.

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Closeout Sale

Closeout Sale

We are retiring lots of patterns check out our online store SALE SECTION save up to 70% off on selected styles!

Retailers Wanted

Retailers Wanted!

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Outlet Store Open – Onset Village, Wareham, MA

Come on down to Onset Village we are fully stocked for the season!! We are open Wednesday thru Sunday from 11 am- 3 pm for month of May

Cape Clogs Diamond celebration photos from June 20th, 2016


If you only knew how many people stop me and ask about the golden clogs…EVERYONE!!! even very quiet and shy people comment on them when they see them…..I give them the number to Cape Clogs…..In the past years I have had eight pairs of silver and this is my 4th gold pair…adore them!!!!!

Elizabeth Alexander