Swedish Culture

Learn about Swedish values, and walk the Swedish way!

Småland värnar om miljön means Småland protects the environment, and that is something we take very seriously.

Sweden’s greatest goal is to have a clean environment for future generations. Our forests boast abundant natural beauty that is untainted and preserved. In Småland, you’re never far from wildlife and nature.

In Småland, you’ll visit the the kingdom of crystal — Småland is the heart of Swedish crystal and glass design. Elegant and timeless glasswork and crystal from Orrefors and Kosta Boda are the oldest operating glass and crystal manufacturers in Sweden.

We’re proud of our living traditions as well: a landscape marked by small fields, fences, and red-painted houses. Some villages, like Ljunby in Småland, have stood unchanged since the turn of the last century, and land is still the core resource for these villages today.

You’ll find a healthy forest with delicious, fresh lingonberries, and moose roaming for food in the mornings, living in harmony with a thriving, artistic, and thoroughly modern community. We think our fun and traditional clogs are an expression of this balance, and we hope you’ll visit us some day and see why!

Småland is the heart of Swedish crystal and glass design in beautiful blue hues.