Clog Construction and Care

Our clogs are handmade and individual, no two pair are exactly alike!

Our clogs are made in the same hand-manufactured way as in the 70’s. They are produced with natural grained leather.

Construction and Materials – Original Classic Design with Alderwood Footbed

Notes for Our Customers

The soles are made of alderwood, which is a hard but fragile material. The rubber soles are glued onto the wood. Due to these facts you should, before purchases, be aware of the following:

  • The leather may vary in color and thickness.
  • The leather may have tears.
  • The leather is hard in the beginning but will soften and stretch with wear.
  • The natural colored leather is totally untreated and very sensitive to moisture and dirt.
  • The leather can be treated with a small amount of natural olive oil to make it more resistant and for a darker tone.
  • The natural colored leather will darken with time.
  • The wood may chip if you should knock into something.
  • The wood may vary in color and there may be twigs in the wood.
  • The rubber soles can wear down and even become loose from the wood after frequent use.
  • The rubber sole can easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop.
  • The color on the rubber sole on the painted wooden sole will disappear almost immediately upon use.
  • The color on the wooden sole will wear off with time.
  • The shoes will not last long if you use them in dirt and moisture since they are of natural materials.

Care Instructions:

Cape Clogs can last you a lifetime with the correct proper care. Make sure your kids can inherit them by following these tips:

  • Clogs will last longer if you don’t use them every day, all the time.
  • If the clogs get dirty you can clean them carefully with a little bit of sandpaper and treat the wood carefully with small amount of olive oil and they will look great again.
  • If you don’t use the clogs in dirt and moisture they will last longer since they are constructed with natural material.
  • The color on the wooden sole will wear off in time. If you want to paint them yourself use water – based color.
  • The clogs will last longer if you re-sole them regularly. The rubber sole can be easily be replaced at your local shoe repair shop. Don’t use the clogs without a rubber sole since the wood will wear down very quickly.
  • Be careful using your clogs in water since it may loosen the glue between the rubber and the wood and the sole might come off.
  • Be careful with the wooden sole because should you knock into something the wood may chip.
  • Water makes the leather very stretchable so don’t use the clogs if they are wet since they might stretch a lot and loose shape very fast.
  • If you open the buckle when taking on or off the clogs the nail will not break and the ankle leather strap will keep the shape.
  • The wooden soles ( only unpainted ) can also be treated with a small amount of olive oil or similar since it makes them more resistant to moisture and dirt and also gives them the right looks.