About Us

From generation to generation, and from Sweden to you.

Our clogs were first made in Småland, in the southern region of Sweden, over 150 years ago. For six generations, the clog manufacturing process has passed from parent to child, and the best practices have been preserved and refined to make the clogs we offer today.

The Swedish are proud to be a thoroughly modern society, leading invention in style, industry, and culture, but they’re also richly aware of their legacies, their past, and the environment they work to preserve. The clogs we make today speak of that balance, and enjoy the benefits.

The clogs our predecessors designed to provide a unique solution for the lives we lead today. They had to be comfortable for long hours of work, and they needed to be light, supportive, and durable enough to be worn every day and all year. That’s why they’re still the foundation for the clogs we make today!

The Manufacturer:

Our manufacturers provides these great clogs exclusively to Cape Clogs for distribution throughout the United States and Canada, hear from the principal of Cape Clogs and distributor for North America.

We trace our product lines back to a Swedish farm in what remains one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our clogs were first made with methods that the Reinholdsson family still learns from and passes on from generation to generation.

Manufactured in the Region of Smaland, in the beautiful, colorful country of Sweden.

When this tradition began, the youngest generation’s great great great grandfather selected and harvested the perfect alder tree from the forest, cutting and stripping it to dry for several months outside his workshop. He molded and shaped the clogs with a wind-powered lathe, and he also started a tradition, which is still very important to us, of making clogs by hand. And that’s something we continue today.

The Distributor

Cape Clogs Inc. was formed in June 2006 as a designer, distributor and marketer of Swedish orthopedic clogs from our three manufacturing partners.

We’re proud to be the sole North American distributor for this unique footwear with real leather uppers and exciting designs.

We believe that your footwear is an expression of yourself. Our brand promotes comfort, personality, support, and style on your feet, and our patterns are creatively selected and produced at a leading and renowned Swedish manufacturers.

Headquartered in Bourne, Massachusetts on scenic, water surrounded Cape Cod.

We are now distributing Cape Clogs nationally through retail locations, and we have begun selling our product lines directly to consumers through our website, www.capeclogs.com.

At Cape Clogs, we’re always looking for fresh designs and ideas, so we hope you’ll drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Tack! (Thanks!)