Top Reasons to Wear Clogs

There are lots of reasons to wear clogs. Read the 15 reasons below and learn why Cape Clogs are great for the body, mind, and sole!

  1. Clogs make you stand up straight.
  2. Clogs provide you lower-back support.
  3. Clogs align your spine.
  4. The wood soles are orthopedically designed to fit the shape of your feet.
  5. The wood soles are strong and don’t compress under weight like a regular shoe.
  6. The alder wood soles are green, eco-friendly and recyclable.
  7. Clogs are open in the back so your feet breathe.
  8. Clogs fit loosely so your feet do not feel scrunched all day.
  9. You will never have to tie your shoes again.
  10. Since wood is an insulator, your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  11. You are likely to meet new friends and total strangers while wearing Cape Clogs. People are drawn to the happy, bright patterns and prints.
  12. Our clogs are among the finest, high-quality clogs in the world.
  13. There is nothing more cute than a little kid wearing clogs.
  14. Clogs make you two inches taller!
  15. Clogs are cool!