Cape Clogs’ 10th Anniversary: “Celebrating in Tens”

celebrating Cape Clogs' 10th anniversary

A milestone has been achieved at Cape Clogs, Inc. with the coming of the company’s 10th anniversary this year.

It all began with a pair of Swedish clogs given as a gift from one cousin in Sweden to another cousin living in America. Suddenly, these uniquely designed pattern clogs began catching the eye of Cape Cod natives and tourists. So in June 2006, Pamela J. Irving formed Cape Clogs, Inc. to be a designer, distributor, and marketer of Swedish orthopedic clogs.

The company currently represents three manufacturing partners located in Smäland, Sweden.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only about one third of small businesses survive to their tenth year. Founder and owner Pamela Irving states:

“I feel very proud to have been able to achieve this goal, and I have many colleagues and loyal customers to thank along the way.”

The company’s 10th anniversary celebratory plans include updating a new retailer section of the website, launching new and extended clog styles in additional colors, as well as incorporating several “Celebrate in Tens” promotions through our social media and website platforms for our loyal customers. For example, to show appreciation for loyal customer patronage over the years, Cape Clogs will be giving away a free pair of clogs every month on their Facebook page. “We want to share this milestone with our loyal customers,” says Irving.

This desire to reward those who have supported the company extends to their supportive retailers as well. There will be special offers given on wholesale orders throughout the Diamond Celebration year.

Over the past 10 years, Cape Clogs has donated over $20,000 to several philanthropic nonprofit organizations with which it partners. To name a few, these organizations include the Ellie Fund, the American Heart Association, Hope in Bloom, the Doug Flutie Foundation, and GirlyGIRL P.A.R.T.S. (in conjunction with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute). Cape Clogs’ biggest partnership has been with QVC – FANNY for Shoes on Sale Benefit in support of breast cancer research and education, with the company donating over 3,000 pairs of clogs as a valued QVC.COM partner in the last nine years.

Cape Clogs, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped them succeed, and to invite their supporters to join in their celebration year.

“It definitely has been an exciting journey, and I have been blessed to be able to say I enjoy what I do in life,” Irving explains.

As Pablo Picasso said:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Unique Aspects of Cape Clogs:

  • Individuality: Every shoe is handmade in Sweden, so no two clogs are alike.
  • Inspiration: Designs are based on the Founder’s casual Cape Cod lifestyle.
  • Comfort: Orthopedic footbeds are made of Northern Europe Alder wood.
  • Lightweight: Clogs are less than three pounds and soles are non-slip rubber.
  • Availability: Sold in retailers across the U.S. and Canada and with web partners in addition at
Cape Clogs is a leading privately held designer, distributor, and marketer of fashion-forward Swedish clogs that exude personality and youthful energy with vivid signature prints. Based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Cape Clogs offers a wide range of clogs for men, women, and children in the work and lifestyles categories. It has established sales distribution in traditional footwear channels, including independent boutiques, uniform suppliers, sporting goods stores, and other retail catalog and website partners. Cape Clogs has exclusive partnerships with three sixth-generation traditional clog manufacturers located in Småland, Sweden. For a full product catalog or for purchasing, visit


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