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Cape Clogs featured in Vamp FootwearCape Clogs was recently featured in a wonderful article written by Vamp Footwear Editor Angela Velasquez on July 31, 2015 called “That ’70s Show: Clogs’ Big Comeback for Spring ’16”.

The article predicts that next spring will see a definite trend towards returning to the decade of Flower Power. As Velasquez notes, “Most Throwback Thursday photos from the ’70s are cringe-inducing, but the decade’s fashionistas were on to something: clogs complement flare jeans. In fact, some might go as far to say the clog is the Captain to the flare’s Tennille.”

Cape Clogs Founder Pamela Irving is quoted throughout the article as an expert on clog trends. She explains how she started out her business promoting flower patterns, as a nod to their popularity in the ’70s.

Pam went on to say that “new silhouettes and heel heights are transforming the clog industry to where it is now.” She went on share that for Spring ’16, Cape Clogs is revisiting the decade with color block leather in warm shades of yellow and a crop of mid-heel designs.

As the article points out, not everyone understands at first why clogs can be so beneficial for one’s feet, from comfort to extra support. Clogs can be an acquired taste.

Pam explains, “I try to [educate] people why the Scandinavian countries use wood. It’s a substrate material. Your foot hits it and it stays in place. With manmade materials, your foot has to work harder. People don’t realize your foot is more [stable] and less weak in a clog.”

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