Cape Clogs Committed to Vegan Lifestyle

BOURNE, MASSACHUSETTS, February 2015 – For those kind individuals that endeavor to live a more compassionate lifestyle, Cape Clogs now offers a collection of animal-friendly clogs for ethical peace of mind. 100% percent animal-free, vegan clogs that don’t compromise on Scandinavian style!

Cape Clogs committed to vegan lifestyle

Faux Snake Vegan

Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle has never been easier. In recent years, vegetarian footwear and products have come a long way. With advances in synthetic manufacturing, non-leather goods and materials are now virtually identical to their genuine counterparts.

Check out our two new styles that will be available in our Spring and Summer 2015 Collection:

Faux Snake Vegan: A pretty pink faux snakeskin print, open-back low heeled clog. No leathers or animal products were used to create this clog. Stapled construction on a 1 3/4-inch low heel and lightweight, orthopedic arched footbed and earth-friendly non-slip rubber. Available in women’s sizes 5-11, $89.99 MSRP.

Cape Clogs committed to vegan lifestyle

Lucia Vegan

Lucia Vegan: A peep-toe sandal of a deep grey embossed, colored vegan material clog. Stapled construction with a stained brown-colored footbed, colored mid heel of 2 1/2 inches. Available in women’s sizes 5-11, $95.00 MSRP.

We are committed to animals, the environment, and the vegan lifestyle, so you can shop for high–quality, fashionable clogs directly imported from Sweden!

Unique Aspects of Cape Clogs:

  • Individuality: Every shoe is handmade so no two clogs are alike.
  • Inspiration: Designs based on the Founder’s casual Cape Cod lifestyle.
  • Comfort: Orthopedic footbeds of Northern Europe Alder wood.
  • Lightweight: Clogs are less than three pounds and soles are non-slip rubber.
  • Availability: Sold at 400 retailers across the U.S. and Canada and at
Cape Clogs is a leading privately held designer, distributor, and marketer of fashion-forward Swedish clogs that exude personality and youthful energy with vivid signature prints. Based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Cape Clogs offers a wide range of clogs for men, women and children in the work and lifestyles categories. It has established sales distribution in traditional footwear channels, including independent boutiques, uniform suppliers, sporting goods stores, and other retail catalog and website partners. Cape Clogs has exclusive partnerships with three sixth-generation traditional clog manufacturers located in Småland, Sweden. For a full product catalog or purchasing, visit


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